Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pokemon Master Quest

As most of you know the ISC as started a pokemon Challenge where we are seeing if we can get 151 artist to each draw one pokemon from the 1st Generation

We have almost completed that goal, and now we want to take it a step further and make this an online gallery that will be connected to our Tumblr, Facebook, and Blogspot, to show off our members mad skillz!

Because we want to make is a online gallery, and at this moment we are looking for locations to host a real gallery, we now have to set a couple of specifications and rules.

The deadline for first claims for signing up is this Friday, after that if you want to claim a 2nd pokemon that you want to illustrate it will then be open for you to do!

That is Friday November 2nd! After this date feel free to claim a 2nd Pokemon, one that has not been taken yet!

we ask that your illustration is square so when we post everyone's work together it has some uniformity.

The exact size right now is not finalized, but we do ask that it be a square, or can fit into a square easily.

We are asking that the work you turn in is portfolio quality work, or to the best of your ability. We want this to not only be fun but something we are all proud of when the complete work as a whole goes on display for the world to see!

 Art done by Adam Hoppus

Art done by Kat Brunnegraff

Art done by Shane Richardson
Art done by Mikey McCollor

This website is a good example of what we are hoping our end goal is!

I do want to point out here that we are not limiting what you put in your illustration, you can have your pokemon and a trainer, your pokemon battling another pokemon, a vignette of just your pokemon, or even your pokemon destroying New York city. We want your creativity to make the piece!!

The deadline for the final Pokemon will be Friday November 30th!

We ask that you email your final submissions to the Illustration Student Collecitve as a 300dpi Jpg


and in the email your name and which pokemon you signed up to illustrate.


The last thing I would like to mention is that once this gallery is up and we have a really awesome creation to present to the world, we don't want that to be the end of it. We want to make all the other pokemon an extension to this, so don't stop drawing others they will just be up at a later date!

If you have any question please leave a comment below or in the Facebook.

I'm so freaking excited to CATCH THEM ALL!!!!

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