Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LInk of the week

Welcome to this week's LINK OF THE WEEK!!!

This week I'm going to cover two links pertaining to our special guest speaker Lora Innes!!!

The first one is Lora's direct website

The Dreamer

Lora, for those who do not know her, is a web-comic artist who writes and draws The Dreamer.

The Dreamer is about:
Beatrice "Bea" Whaley seems to have it all; the seventeen year old high school senior is beautiful, wealthy and the star performer of the drama club. And with her uncle’s connections to Broadway theater, the future looks bright ahead of her. Little does she know that her future might actually be brighter behind her... 

Bea begins having vivid dreams about a brave and handsome soldier named Alan Warren--a member of an elite group known as Knowlton’s Rangers that served during the Revolutionary War.

 Prone to keeping her head in the clouds, Bea welcomes her nightly adventures in 1776; filled with danger and romance they give her much to muse about the next day. 

But it is not long before Beatrice questions whether her dreams are simply dreams or something more. Each night they pick up exactly where the last one ended. And the senses--the smell of musket shots and cannons, the screams of soldiers in agony, and that kiss--are all far more real than any dream she can remember

 So you should definitely go check it out and get addicted!

The 2nd link of the week is Paper Wings Podcast

Paper Wings is invested all about self improvement for the artist! It is presented in a series of blog post and Podcast that deal with important information that is extremely valuable for any artist wanting to "make it" in the real world.
 It is hosted and run by Lora Innes and Chris Oatley. They both are fantastic people and amazing artist!

One of the podcast I listen to reguarly is : Seven Time Management Tips to Accelerate Your Personal Project

I highly recommend you explore this wonderful website! 

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