Thursday, October 4, 2012

Meeting recap 9/29/12

Hello everyone! Last Friday we had a quick but awesome meeting because the lovely and talented new illustration professor, Adam Osgood, came and presented. Adam's presentation was amazing and he was incredibly prepared, but we are still figuring out the best way to organize ourselves around our artists, so it feels more organized and formal on our part.

Adam talked about a few important things:
- challenging yourself to do things outside your main concentration
- putting personal narratives into your work
- experimenting with animation
- considering a graduate program after college, especially after working for a few years
- taking on graphic design jobs to help get money

He showed us some of his work, which was all VERY inspiring. Especially his award-winning, personal narrative animation, Life Alone. (watch it here!)

Visit Adam's website here as well: 

We would also like to remind everyone of a few announcements:

- Our president, AJ, is running for the Illustration rep in Student Government! Please make sure you vote for him when the time comes. It would be incredibly beneficial to have our president in the SGA.

- MIXX, CCAD's first comic symposium, is this weekend! It is free for all CCAD students, and there will be tons of awesome panels where you can learn about the comics industry, how to make them, and discuss themes. Chris Ware, the famous author of the incredibly critically acclaimed Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth will be giving a keynote speech on Friday at 7 in the Canzani auditorium. If you're not at the ISC meeting, I hope you'll be there!

- Do not forget to turn in your mascot design by our next meeting! We will choose our favorites and then vote on the best five on our meeting on the 12th. Turn them in on our Tumblr or in the Illustration Lab in Circle Hall.

And that should be everything! Thank you everyone for coming out and can't wait to see you this week!

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