Friday, March 1, 2013

Meeting Recap 02/22/2013

This Friday we talked about what a niche is and how we find one for ourselves. The leaders shared who inspired their work and how these artists helped them find their Niches.

What is a Niche?

The Literal definition of a niche is a recess in which you can place something into. This relates perfectly into how we are as artists, we need to find a field in art that we fit into. We need to find what niche fits us perfectly.

How do you find your Niche?

To find your niche you have to do research into what art you enjoy and what type of artwork you make. Then ask yourself what do these artists do? Where do they work? and how can you improve your work to get a great portfolio like the artists who Inspire you.

Another Great tip is to do research into where your favorite artists work. If your work is similar to these artists this means these are Studios and businesses that could hire you. So you should make a list of possible places that you could apply to.

Lexie explained that you should look at where your favorite artists work to see possible places that you can apply for jobs. She said that if your work is similar to theirs then those companies could be interested in Hiring you. Lexie Talked about her two favorite artists Brittney Lee and Chris Sanders, Both of these artists work For Disney and are involved in Visual development.

Brittney Lee

Her work is graphic and colorful

She has worked on movies like,

Link to Brittney's Work,

Chris Sanders 
is a story board and Character artist for Disney

He Has worked on the Movies,
-The Croods
-Lilio and Stitch

Link to Chris's Work,

Lexie is Niche is;
-Story Boards
-Prop Designs
-Color Studies

Link to Lexies work,

AJ talked about how he has found his niche and wants to become a medical illustrator. The most important things that he talked about was that you need to research what it will take to go into the field that you are interested in. He would not have known that he needed to take 4 specific classes to get into Grad school if he did not research what it takes to get into the Medical illustration field.

His first favorite artist is Sam sprat. This artist inspired AJ with his use of color and his unique Portrait paintings.

Sam Sprat 


Is and Editorial artist and has created cover art for Game Informer.

Sam Sprat focuses on,
-Color Theory
-Line work

Link to Sam Sprats Artwork,

AJ's second artist is Ken coulter

Ken coulter
is a Medical Illustrator and  started Ion Medical Designs

Link to Ken Coulter's Website,

Link to AJ's Artwork,

Wes shared his two favorite artists Nicholas Kole and Justin Gerard. Wes explained that as artists we need to do what we love to do, not what other people want us to do.

Nicholas Kole

is a Freelance Illustrator and Character designer.

He has worked for,
-38 Studios
-Comics (Dark horse and Disney)

In addition to creating artwork he is a voice actor, He is not afraid to do what he loves.

Link to Nicholas's Artwork,

Justin Gerard 
is a Freelance artist and has worked on Book Covers and Concept art. He starts his work in watercolor and boosts the colors in Photoshop.

He has Worked for Warner Brothers as a concept artist

Link to his Website,

Wes has found his Niche as a Freelance Artist

He wants to,
-Work for Lego
-Fantasy Freelance

Link to His Artwork,

Colleens two favorite artists are Kali Ciesemier and Natasha Allegri. She is interested in artwork that depicts people as Realistic, specifically real life women. Colleen encourages you to create artwork that you like even if your teachers do not. Be who you want to be. She wants to be a character artist and an in house worker.

Kali Ciesemier   

She is a Freelance editorial artist and has worked for places like,
-New Yorkers
-New York Times

Link to Her Website,

Natasha Allegri

Is a concept artist for Cartoon Network, specifically Adventure Time. She Draws what she wants to and has a very creative voice.

Natasha was the one responsible for the Gender swap episodes for Adventure Time.

Here is a link to her artwork,

Link to Colleen's artwork,

Lucie Shearer also Visited us this week and shared with us what she does as a Freelance artist. She Graduated two years ago and is now doing freelance art for Layne Bryant.

She Works with Layne Bryant's marketing team to create Brand Presentations and Charts. The charts she creates tell the stores where and how everything should be placed in their stores. For example the charts explain where banners hang, Where fixtures go and how mannequins should be displayed. A fun fact is that where Items are placed can affect how well the items sell. The Chart book runs at around 60 pages. Another job she does is create illustrations of Items that would look weird if you just cut them out of a photo.

The First big tip she had for us was that when you are applying for a job you need to know who to apply through. For example to get the job for Layne Bryant she did not apply strait to Layne Bryant, she went to the Limited  company first. Layne Bryant does not Hire you Limited does.

The second tip that she gave us was that as a freelance artist we will not have our taxes taken out of our money. You need to put aside money to pay the government for the taxes you owe them. Lucie recommends that you make four smaller payments throughout the year instead of  one large sum all at once. It is easier to do so and not as painful when you pay.

The Biggest tips what she gave were ones about how to be professional and how to appeal to the person who will hire you. Lucie gave us three things that will help you get hired by a company,
-Know what your talking about
-Know the Process
-Show you know the process

She recommends that you put something personal into your portfolio, the people who look at portfolios see the same things everyday. If you put something personal into your portfolio you show that your different and that causes you to stand out from the multitude.

Lucie Shared the artists that she is inspired by,

Louis Van Baarle
He is a Freelance artist for Cafe Presser and has worked for the Tri color Ink company.

link to her website,

Kelsey Beckett

She is a Freelance artist that does very detail portraits of women.

Link to Her website,

Glen Arthur

Is also a portrait artist and has his own unique style.

Link to his Website,

Lucie wants her niche to be in fine art illustration

Link to her website,

Her suggestion to finding your niche is to find a style that you are comfortable with. She also stated that you and your art will change. You need to experiment with different media to find what you are most comfortable with.

Do not be afraid to ask people about Niches and where they think you would  
it in.

Some of the Members of our group presented their work. First was Luis Uzcategui who shared the artists Victo Ngai (Victoria Ngai) and Yuko Shimizu. Both of these artists focus on line work traditionally then color it in photoshop.

Victo Ngai

Is an editorial artist and has had her work published in,
-The New Yorker
-New York Times
-Tor Books

Link to her Website,

Yuko Shimizu

Is also an editorial Artist and has had her work publish in,
-The Discovery Channel Magazine
-Rolling stone
-Tor Books (Tor Books hire alot of illustrators so research them if you want to be an editorial artist)

Some tips for artists looking for jobs are,
-Know alot of illustrators (networking)
-Be a hard worker
-Be Persistent. The people who try the hardest are the ones who get the jobs.

Link to Luis Uzcategui's work,

Allison Also Shared who inspired her
The first artist is,

Ralph Mcquarrie

He was a concept artist for the first Star Wars Movies,

Link to his Arrtwork,

Tod Lockwood

Is a fantasy artist. He has done work for,
-Magic (Card game)
-Legend of Drizz Books
-Dungeons and Dragons
Baolong Zhang
Is a 3D Modeler who creates the 3D models and does the texture painting,

He has work on,
-Ghost Recon 2
-Brother in Arms
-Doctor Who PS3 Vita

Link to His Work,

Other artists Mentioned,

Sam Webber

Arthur Rackham

Edmund Dulac

If you have any question concerning Niches help finding where you would fit in please ask us. We are here to help!