Monday, October 15, 2012

Meeting recap 10/13/12

Howdy folks!

It's time for your WEEKLY UPDATE!!

So we had Wes Talbott do a tutorial based of the official winner of the MASCOT COMPETITION!! Brought to you by the wonderful Emmet Shearer!
So I took some photos of the steps

Start with basic colors of what you want your image to look like, create these colors by blocking in with the shape tool.

Make a clipping mask over your flat shape, or you can create a mask with a Group Folder which will keep everything together.

Make sure to know where your light source is coming from!

Start by shading the darker areas and slowly build up the form of your object/creature.

You can lower the opacity of your lines to make the final look more painterly

Pretty freaking adorable huh?

You can also see a tutorial over view that Wes also did for the Animation Student Collective 

Also here is the tutorial we mentioned that creates the line work that Wes was working with.\
They are by a totally awesome comic artist named Katie Shanahan
Part One
Part Two

We then went over a simple what to have your framed piece for Sweet! Look like,

here is a video that pretty much covers what you should do, hope this helps :D

We also want to let you guys know how important it is that you show your work either to us or others to get it critiqued before you submit a framed final :D

Don't forget you can turn in a submission for Sweet! anytime between now and October 26th! 

Next week will be a Halloween potluck, a movie, and Sweet! critique week. So were ready to have fun and start preparing for the final week to submit work for Sweet!

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