Saturday, November 3, 2012

Meeting recap 10/26/12

The Parkinson Brothers!

This week Chris and Tyler Parkinson Came in to talk about their game they are creating for a Dairy company.

Chris first talked about the inner workings of the game they are creating! 

First thing they talked about is the fact that flash is NOT dead when it comes to game development, and in fact it is a live and well in the indie game community.

To really get started creating a game for money you first have to fine a funder, their's was Dairy Enterprise Inc.

Next you have to make a timeline to project how long it will take to produce your game!

Then you begin the to get into the real meat of game design, with the concept art and programming.

The  animation of a flash game is divided into spread sheets on a png file where you can jump from one image to the next to create the animation.
Try to simplify images where you can to make the programming as easy as possible.

This game when done will have taken them six months to make! 

Some of the programs that they suggested if you are interested in Physics programming in games were

Box 2D


Here is a fun example of the physics engine of Nape:

If you wanted to make a game without having to learn any code you can go to


Games made on Gamesalad

Tyler talked about Zynga and how was a decent enough place to work but their ethics about creating games is terrible, and that it was the spawn of Satan.

The things you would make at Zynga

Tyler's Blog

Concept for Mars needs milk

Oh and this little gem.

If you're looking to work with game developers check out the site 

Tyler suggested for anyone interested, to take a class with Neil Riley a CCAD 
He teaching painting classes particularly landscape.

An Artist Tyler recommend is Jason Chan who works for Massive Black

We will definitely be talking more about Massive Black in the future as well guys so stay tuned! 

If you want to do indie flash game work your portfolio should have 

Character design
Png Sequences
Sprite sheets 

That's all for now!! 

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