Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Vanja Todoric

For this weeks link I'm going to share one of my recent personal finds. The awesome artist Vanja Todoric.

Click here to see more of his work

His style is especially inspiring to me because it has certain similarities to a style I have been experimenting with.

I found this artist while I was at IlluXcon and I was looking though a book of serbian fairytales at Petar Meseldzija's table. Here is a link to the book. Unfortunately it is only in croatian at the moment. But it is a beautiful book and the typography on the cover and all throughout it is just fantastic.

Anyway apart from just sharing a new artist I would just like to encourage everyone to go beyond the normal limits when discovering new artists. It can be difficult to research sometimes especially when you are dealing with foreign artists to track down their websites. But with enough determination you can discover some great things and you won't be trapped in a world of artists that everyone else knows about and that you've seen countless times.


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